EÜreka! eüPHORIa!         Eü . . .


eÜ / everyone Ünited. , Limited Co.  is a new Couture clothing accessory brand, lead by American designer Andreü Honeycutt.   had it's humble beginnings in the USA's national capital city of Washington DC and recently setup shop in Atlanta, Georgia.



Andreü's design training began in 2000 at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts were he studied classical drama/acting, dance, and costume design. Since receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004, Andreü has worked as an actor, director, choreographer, jewelry designer, and costume designer.  He has combined his experience of theatrical flair with costume and jewelry design to form , a couture collection of bow ties and other handmade accessories for the fashionably conscious consumer.

"My evolved vision, for my personal fashion aesthetic, is that fashion needs to be adaptable. One design, many applications; fashion as you want it. I wanted to give the fashionably conscious consumer the freedom and flexibility to wear our designs in a variety of manners, adaptable to any occasion.
I am proud that our couture bowtie designs, because of the sleek magnetic clasps, can be worn as traditional bow ties, ascots, broaches and jewelry, hair ornaments. eÜ designs use exotic and unconventional fabrics. Our brand is ever expanding and perfect for the fashion collector."

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